Welcome Trumbull Parents and Community,

We are the Trumbull PTSA Council. If you’re asking, ‘What in the world is the PTSA Council?’, you’re not alone. Allow us to explain our role in Trumbull education.

The Trumbull PTSA Council supports and advocates for our local PTA teams. Specifically, we are organized under the authority of the State PTA for the purpose of conference, leadership training and coordination of the efforts of the local PTA teams.  The Connecticut PTA establishes Councils in our cities and towns (or other areas approved by the CT PTA Board of Directors).

Some of the responsibilities of your PTSA Council are to provide the following services:

  • Promote and support the basic policies of the PTA
  • Make people aware of the need for group action through the united efforts of local PTAs
  • Provide opportunities for PTAs to address issues, which include but reach beyond the individual school community
  • Provide a forum for public information and debate on issues affecting children and youth, for candidates for public office, and legislative and public policy matters

How can you help?

We encourage all parents and teachers to join your local PTA. Memberships will be sold at each of the Back-to-School Nights in September, but don’t let that stop you. All parents are welcome to join at any time throughout their child’s Trumbull Public School experience. By becoming a member of your school’s PTA, you will help promote the PTA objectives of your local, state and national Parent-Teacher-Association.